Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Skinny White Boys In Carhartts, Attack!

They're at it again. Last week, the Earth First! group in Berkeley parked an (apparently running) 1982 diesel Power Ram 50 next to Ashby BART and proceeded to smash it with axes, sledge hammers, and dropkicks, littering the area with shards of glass, metal, and plastics. Earlier this year, the same group organized Berkeley's Fossil Fools Day "action," which consisted of white college-aged bicyclists in sweater vests laughing at people in older cars and those who had to fill up their tanks during rush hour, even going so far as to put up false "out of order" signs on the downtown gas stations, making people drive farther out of their way to fill up before going home.

Damn son, you better hope that shit ain't runnin.

When we went down to pick-n-pull last month to pull parts for our truck, and they didn't have the right year for what we needed after an hour of looking through the jungle of car after car, that shit ruined our day. The way we see it, these fuckers owe someone a new windshield, a new hood, two doors, a radiator, headlights, and the list goes on. At least give that shit away on craigslist! That shit ran on diesel fool! We coulda run that thing on veggie oil and never paid for gas again. What on earth would posses these fucking hippies to destroy a perfectly good compact pickup? Hmmm...

Sadly, we're not surprised. In April, they laughed at us for actually driving home from work instead of biking or walking because we can't afford to live where the jobs are. Now, they're saying the cars we drive aren't good because we can't get the $20,000+ loan for a new prius.

It's time for some real talk. This kind of ritualized spectacle aimed at making poor people feel bad serves only to reinforce the false blame mentality of green capitalism, where it is our fault as consumers for not buying the "greenest" products, or using too much water, or driving to work, rather than their fault for pumping carcinogens into the air, for blowing the tops off of once-great mountains, or enforcing the relationships which keep us in this cycle of perpetual poverty. Earth First Means Social War, motherfucker.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Rock, Same Window.

It's another night in Olympia, Washington. A crowd of young kids dressed in black huddle around the gazebo in Sylvester park for yet another march through the streets of downtown. An aura of subdued excitement runs through the crowd. Trained street medics rove through the crowd, providing water and apple-cider vinegar to whoever is down to throw down. A car pulls up, a sound system is unpacked, and the party's on.


Man it's the same group of people. In spite of the masks, everyone knows who everyone else is. The kids taking the vinegar are the inexperienced kids who're gonna be arrested. The kids who aren't masked up are the kids who're gonna lead everyone else, and never get caught for jack. Man the divide between them is like the divide between Bob Avakian and the girls the RCP sends "on vacation" to see him in France.

After a fucking hour of running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, circling around the same fucking four square city blocks that make up downtown Olympia, the vanguard puts out a call for everyone to run backward, in a desperate attempt to get a block and a half away, so they can shower the same fucking bank with rocks like they always do. The glass company's on speed dial! Then everyone runs the fuck away with no explanation, and some young punks without a clue get arrested.

This has got to be the eightieth time this shit has happened just like this. It's the same god-damn group of Evergreen kids, who aren't from Olympia and won't stay there after they've gotten their degrees. Man, that place ain't even a school! Fuckin' Leninist profs and bullshit cops who leave their cars out alone in the woods all the time. How 'bout that for a target, y'all? Fuck!

Q: How many times can you get a group of white college kids to dress in black and assemble in the same fucking park, march through the same fucking streets, throw some more rocks, and break the same fucking window, over and over again?

A: Until people start caring.

P.S. Next time, make sure your stereo can bump that shit if you wanna rep that shit.

Oly Anarchists: -1

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Man, this shit's irrelevant.

Like a Subculture.

There was a lot of hype leading up to the recent Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence, held at the SubRosa InfoShop from May 7th through the 11th. Among the media releases was an interview on Freak Radio Santa Cruz. The interviewee was introduced as a volunteer at SubRosa, and the organizing body behind the convergence. When asked about what the convergence would look like, the interviewee details a lineup that is not to be missed.


This fucking girl starts off by equating anarchist infrastructure with anarcho-franchise projects like Food Not Bombs, the InfoShop, the Santa Cruz Free School, and Freak Radio station itself, all of which are shitty subcultural institutions that serve only to deepen the divide between normal people and anarchists, or more appropriately for Santa Cruz, "radicals, freaks, and weirdos." Man y'all best learn to take yourselves seriously, c'os fuck. Then she talks about how anarchist relationships need to be special, not like normal people, because they are based on "autonomy" and exist outside of "normitive" power constructs. What the fuck does that even mean? If none of this interests you, you could attend another consent workshop, which the girl is really proud of. Consent is sexy, but the last time I was at one of this girl's consent workshops, she told me it was okay to take advantage of drunk people, and wouldn't take any criticism. Then there's something about how "applied anarchism" equates to some theoretical bullshit, and resistance takes the form of some white kids with dreads eating moldy oatmeal in a tree with a harness on. God this shit is dumb.

This is where it gets good. The girl mentions, among other things, that the fun social events to take place during the bookfair consist of a punk show with some obscure bands than no one from outside either the anarchist milieu or the santa cruz subculture have ever heard of, and a square dance. Really? Fuck. We wanna get serious here. Who's gonna attend a punk show? Who's gonna attend a square dance? Think about it. Those are the people that they're trying to cater to. Those are the people who're gonna show up to this shit. And only those people. Man. Think about your shit every once in awhile.

Next, this guy asks her to define how she relates to the term Anarchism. It sounds like she read the Anarhcism article on Wikipedia, and mixed it together with the Whole Earth Catalogue. She sees her anarchism come to life most when she's talking with her housemates about not flushing piss without poop, or fighting against the power that oppresses all those brown people who live in the next town over. Seriously, success is not having some random kid crash on your floor, getting to eat lentils from a garbage can, or drinking alcohol with some herbs mixed in for as long as you can stand being sick before going off to stay at your rich uncle's house in mountain view. Man if this is Anarchism, call us fucking Howard Dean.

We're not even half-way through this shit, but we can't take it anymore.

SC Anarchists: -1

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Identity politics

RNC 2008. St. Paul.

A group of rad people gave a workshop about crafting slings, a primitive projectile-throwing weapon. Afterwards, the group is accused of being manarchists, a term coined by liberals masquerading their way into "radical" circles under the guise of identity politics. According to the liberals, women were underrepresented in leadership positions, and further violence itself is something that only men can or seek to act with, and any and all encouraging of violence is inherently manarchist and patriarchal in nature.


Nevermind the actual gendered makeup of the leaders or facilitators or whatever fucking term you want to use, of the workshop. Liberals
don't even believe in this shit; they were just using identity politics as an excuse to deligitimize the underlying politics of the workshop. Fuck the commodification of ourselves towards the appeasement of anyone, much less some liberal douchebags from Portland. Man, fuck that town. Really, we just watched this video of anarchists from Portland in 2003 protesting the invasion of Iraq, that was put out by the SCAR media collective. Man, could you really be more useless? That time where the kids in black get pushed out of the way by a car is hilarious. These people are just so dumb.

PDX Anarchists: -1

Friday, June 19, 2009

You know what's dumb?

Hipster art gallery anarchists.

The San Francisco Anarchist Cafe, an annual "cultural" precursor to the Bookfair, culminated with a march led by the Brass Liberation Orchestra to Station 40. From 16th & Potrero to 16th & Mission, past countless anarchist cultural storefronts & art galleries which have proliferated in the last year. After ten minutes of marching free, with no cops, one car finally rolls up on the march. Between here and the end of the march a mere five minutes later, some brown kid gets arrested for J-walking. A few down-ass muthafuckas stayed to offer support, but the mass of the march moved on. When informed of a comrade's detention, the mass didn't give a shit. They proceded to file one-by-one like a buncha skinny white kids with fixies, dollas, and tight pants, to get smashed at the hippest anarcho cultural center in the bay.


While the white kids made it safely to their party, unaffected by the risk factors they'd created, one of the only brown kids in the march, who wasn't even a fucking anarcho-scenester, gets cited for J-walking. The only reason his ass didn't get beat was the small crew of down-ass muthafuckas watching the pig's asses. Plus y'all looked dumb.

SF Anarchists: -1