Friday, June 26, 2009

New Rock, Same Window.

It's another night in Olympia, Washington. A crowd of young kids dressed in black huddle around the gazebo in Sylvester park for yet another march through the streets of downtown. An aura of subdued excitement runs through the crowd. Trained street medics rove through the crowd, providing water and apple-cider vinegar to whoever is down to throw down. A car pulls up, a sound system is unpacked, and the party's on.


Man it's the same group of people. In spite of the masks, everyone knows who everyone else is. The kids taking the vinegar are the inexperienced kids who're gonna be arrested. The kids who aren't masked up are the kids who're gonna lead everyone else, and never get caught for jack. Man the divide between them is like the divide between Bob Avakian and the girls the RCP sends "on vacation" to see him in France.

After a fucking hour of running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, circling around the same fucking four square city blocks that make up downtown Olympia, the vanguard puts out a call for everyone to run backward, in a desperate attempt to get a block and a half away, so they can shower the same fucking bank with rocks like they always do. The glass company's on speed dial! Then everyone runs the fuck away with no explanation, and some young punks without a clue get arrested.

This has got to be the eightieth time this shit has happened just like this. It's the same god-damn group of Evergreen kids, who aren't from Olympia and won't stay there after they've gotten their degrees. Man, that place ain't even a school! Fuckin' Leninist profs and bullshit cops who leave their cars out alone in the woods all the time. How 'bout that for a target, y'all? Fuck!

Q: How many times can you get a group of white college kids to dress in black and assemble in the same fucking park, march through the same fucking streets, throw some more rocks, and break the same fucking window, over and over again?

A: Until people start caring.

P.S. Next time, make sure your stereo can bump that shit if you wanna rep that shit.

Oly Anarchists: -1


  1. This is hilarious, but they remind me of Athens, Greece.

  2. Really? They remind us of some punk-ass liberal fucks who're just looking for something to do on a friday night, and can't come up with anything new.

  3. That's too bad 'cause they aren't liberal unless they're asking you to sign a petition. They could look after each other a lot better though.

  4. one of your least favorite sc anarchists made a really good point to me recently about how when faced with an overwhelming enemy who its virtually impossible to even IMAGINE defeating (ie anarchists vs capitalist civilization), it's tempting to turn on those who are more easily defeated (for instance, other anarchists). in this particular case it seems kind of ridiculous considering all anarchists added together are still a tiny irrelevant minority. even if you think other anarchists are dumb and irrelevant maybe the way to get ahead of them is to be more relevant by focusing on, well, pretty much anything else in the world than another tiny minority of irrelevant people. yknow? food for thought at least.
    picking moldy oatmeal out of my non-existent dreadlocks,

    ps, i want my hoodie back.<3

  5. When you do get your hoodie back, it's going to be all prole foo. It's going to have a job and go on wildcat strikes and watch King of Queens and drank drank by k bank.

    I'm off to get intoxicated and not have sex.


  6. i wish my hoodie could get a job. they are not easy to find in santa cruz i tell you what.

  7. The main point of this blog is not to spend copious amounts of time actively criticizing other anarchists (even if they suck big sloppy donkey dick on a regular basis and otherwise fail at life), but to generate some cheap laughs and blow off steam sometimes. I like laughing. We are not worried about what other anarchists think about this or us. If you don't think this shit is funny, don't read it. That's all it's meant to be (mostly).

  8. this blog is real funny but mostly 'cos of laughing at yall. the people you laugh at are funny too but "damn, look at all these dumb white anarchists" is pretty laughable too, only about one step above the trustafarian hippie shit.