Friday, June 19, 2009

You know what's dumb?

Hipster art gallery anarchists.

The San Francisco Anarchist Cafe, an annual "cultural" precursor to the Bookfair, culminated with a march led by the Brass Liberation Orchestra to Station 40. From 16th & Potrero to 16th & Mission, past countless anarchist cultural storefronts & art galleries which have proliferated in the last year. After ten minutes of marching free, with no cops, one car finally rolls up on the march. Between here and the end of the march a mere five minutes later, some brown kid gets arrested for J-walking. A few down-ass muthafuckas stayed to offer support, but the mass of the march moved on. When informed of a comrade's detention, the mass didn't give a shit. They proceded to file one-by-one like a buncha skinny white kids with fixies, dollas, and tight pants, to get smashed at the hippest anarcho cultural center in the bay.


While the white kids made it safely to their party, unaffected by the risk factors they'd created, one of the only brown kids in the march, who wasn't even a fucking anarcho-scenester, gets cited for J-walking. The only reason his ass didn't get beat was the small crew of down-ass muthafuckas watching the pig's asses. Plus y'all looked dumb.

SF Anarchists: -1

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