Saturday, June 20, 2009

Identity politics

RNC 2008. St. Paul.

A group of rad people gave a workshop about crafting slings, a primitive projectile-throwing weapon. Afterwards, the group is accused of being manarchists, a term coined by liberals masquerading their way into "radical" circles under the guise of identity politics. According to the liberals, women were underrepresented in leadership positions, and further violence itself is something that only men can or seek to act with, and any and all encouraging of violence is inherently manarchist and patriarchal in nature.


Nevermind the actual gendered makeup of the leaders or facilitators or whatever fucking term you want to use, of the workshop. Liberals
don't even believe in this shit; they were just using identity politics as an excuse to deligitimize the underlying politics of the workshop. Fuck the commodification of ourselves towards the appeasement of anyone, much less some liberal douchebags from Portland. Man, fuck that town. Really, we just watched this video of anarchists from Portland in 2003 protesting the invasion of Iraq, that was put out by the SCAR media collective. Man, could you really be more useless? That time where the kids in black get pushed out of the way by a car is hilarious. These people are just so dumb.

PDX Anarchists: -1

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  1. Please come back to the Twin Cities and make fun of the lifestylists and whatnot here. Portland sucks, but so do these dudes.